Kona 2011 Iron Dinner: Crowie and Chrissie Not the Only Winners

What’s the next-best thing to being in Kona for the Ironman World Championships? Having some triathlon friends over for an Iron Dinner while watching the live stream — an event that involves proper psyching and fueling. So here’s how the evening unfolded, thanks to the extraordinary cooking of Mr. J:

After getting their race numbers at the door, guests “racked” at the table accordingly, with place cards that held their number and mantra. At the head of the table? The live stream.

Ironman Kona Dinner Table
Macadamia nuts, papaya salad, and crabcakes set the stage for the Hawaiian-style meal to come.

But first up? Pre-race fuel:

Bananas with peanut butter and Gu
Those really are bananas with peanut butter, crowned with chocolate Gu.

What’s a race without a goodie bag?

Jess and Lisa with Goodie Bags
"Hello, TriPainRelief cream!," says bike racer Lisa. Jess unveils the Wheaties and TriSwim Body Wash and Lotion -- all of which was tied up with a chip strap, of course!

A tense moment as Amanda, Joe, Jess and Lisa root for Chrissie Wellington to make her move on the bike course.

Amanda, Joe, Jess, Lisa watching the live feedHow did we not get pictures of the main event? That would be Lamb Biryani, lentils, and whole grilled snapper with pineapple and mango salsa, followed by lemon sorbet with strawberries and strawberry Clif Shot Bloks and brownies. Oh, I know: No leftovers = no photos. Some evidence that it happened:

Jan shopping for Iron Dinner
Mr. J in Chinatown, picking out the papaya and mango that he'd carry home on his single speed

And Amanda and Joe look pretty happy with his cooking, as they await the final course.

Amanda and JoeIn the end, Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington weren’t the only winners. We might not be doing Kona, but some challenges feel that big. Thanks, friends, for all the support and fun on and off the course.

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