Why You Haven’t Lost Weight

So you’ve been walking or running 3 miles every day for the past 3 months, but haven’t lost any weight? There’s a good reason for that.

Think about it: If you ate the same food every day, would you expect to lose weight? Of course not. Same with working out: Treat your body the same way every day and you can’t expect it to behave differently.

To boost calorie burn and fat loss when you’re running or walking, you don’t have to spend more time in the gym (although you can, and that will do it). Just amp up the incline or the speed on the treadmill–but no need to do more than one at a time.

For instance, raise the incline for a minute or two, then flatten it again for the same amount of time. As the weeks go on, gradually increase the amount of time you’re on the incline and decrease time on the flats (by the way, on a treadmill, you should always be at an incline of at least 0.5).  When you’re walking on an incline without any flats, start again and try a higher incline.

If you’re not on a treadmill, then play with speed. Go as fast as you think you can sustain for a minute, and then back off for two minute. The next week, make the fast parts last longer and shorten the slow ones. When your whole workout is fast, add even faster segments.

Your body hates boredom as much as your mind does. Shake up your routine and watch your weight come down.

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