How to Save Money on Workout Clothes this Winter

running in stockholm
There's a summer performance tank under there, somewhere.

The best way to save some bucks on outdoor workout clothes this winter? Wear the same stuff all year. Seriously, whether it’s 90 degrees or 27, I can be found in more or less the same bike shorts and the same performance tank top. I just put other things over them.

Sure, there are some supersleek winter cycling tights that I’d love to have. But I get the same effect by pulling my thermal running tights over my cycling shorts.

I can’t stand spending money on something with just one purpose. And this way, the $70-ish I spend on bike shorts lasts all year (my favorites double as triathlon racing shorts, too. I try to get them on sale in August or find them discounted online). And the running tights get extra wear on run-only days.

As for tops, on days I need something more than a long-sleeved performance shirt but less than a thermal pullover, I do the tank-under-long-sleeved shirt combo. Really cold days, I layer all three. You get it. The point is, you don’t have to spend a fortune in the winter and again in the summer. Maximize what you have. And wherever you go, hit the sale rack (or clearance area of the website) first.

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