3 thoughts on “Women-Only Races: Love Them or Leave Them?

  1. Before I moved to Stockholm, I had never done a women only race. But my first year here, I discovered tjemilen or women’s mile, a 10k at the end of every August. This race is a blast and I am hooked now.

  2. Here’s my problem with women-only races, and the reason I avoid them. There’s this assumption that women aren’t real racers, that they only like to race for cute shirts and pink stuff and bling, and really aren’t interested in competing because they’re all best buddies who wouldn’t want to beat their friends anyway. They downgrade women’s racing to where it’s a mere social gathering, an opportunity to get away from those gross men and have some girl talk. It becomes less about the race and more about the girly stuff. I understand how some women feel intimidated racing with men and might want an environment where guys aren’t going to be pushing past them, but I wish the organizers would realize there are other women who are highly competitive and, since we don’t compete against men, might enjoy an environment where everyone around them is their competitor. I know I would.

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