Dare of the Week: Lose the 3-Minute Workouts

Dare-of-the-weekThe trouble with 3-minute workouts is that they’re too easy to put off. You keep expecting to have three minutes “in a minute,” but those three minutes never appear (because they won’t. Alas, extra time has a way of never just appearing.)

This week, be intentional about your workouts. Stop waiting for three minutes to appear and carve out a whole 30 minutes or more for your workout. Every day.

Even better, make a date with someone else to do it with you. Nobody around? Do it virtually. I used to swim “with” a friend–he’d go in his pool in San Diego and I’d go in mine in New York and we’d report back to each other on how it went. Whatever works, do it. For more than 3 minutes.

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