5 (Sporty) Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Danskin Womens Triathlon Webster MAFive little things you can do to in observation of International Women’s Day, March 8:

1. Get active with your favorite chix. Grab your mom, coworker, or next door neighbor’s daughter and go for a walk/run/ride with her. Bonus: Sometimes you even get more gossip that way than you would sitting at dinner.

2. Add your voice to this poll. Do you love women-only races or are they not your scene? Vote here.

3. Take care of the girls. Over the course of a mile, your breasts are said to bounce up and down about 433 feet. Or less, if you choose the right sports bra. Fitness mag has a great guide on that, complete with suggestions for every size; check it out.

4. Pass a guy! Somebody had to say it. He can deal with getting chicked.

5. See what this day is really all about. Go to the International Women’s Day site to get in touch with the bigger themes and agendas of this day, including women at the peace table, investing and women and girls, and gender equality.

One thought on “5 (Sporty) Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

  1. When if comes to the girls and a good sports bra, I love advice you get from the ((bounce)) staff at Title Nine: http://tinyurl.com/4bryo45. They know their stuff. Other catalogs might have men customer service reps… and while guys know breasts, they don’t know them like you need to know ’em to get the right bra for your workout!

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