Cooking in the Moment: Fresh Food Made Sexy

cooking in the moment book by Andrea Reusing

Never ceases to disappoint me when I look inside a promising diet book and find the same old boring recipes (lemon chicken, anyone?). Boredom never helped someone stick with a plan for life. Having never been a skinny girl (but having spent plenty of energy trying to figure out how to be one), I’m finally trying to make a switch from diet food to real food made simply.

I got a huge shot of inspiration today when I stumbled across this hot-off-the-press book, Cooking in the Moment: A Year of Seasonal Recipes. It’s by Andrea Reusing, the Chapel Hill, NC chef at Lantern who’s nominated for the James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef in the Southeast award this year.

What got me excited is that it showcases taste combos that look fresh and amazing. The recipes are very “I hadn’t thought of that” followed by “wow, I could actually make that tonight.” Like Grilled Broccoli with Parsley, Garlic, and Anchovies.

campfire eggs and bacon from cooking in the moment book by andrea reusingAnd then there’s the to-die-for photography that elevates cooking from a chore to an inspired experience. Take a look at Campfire Eggs and Bacon in a Bag, pictured here. Here’s how she puts her philosophy in her bio: “when seasonality is reimagined as a grocery list rather than a limitation, everyday meals become cause for celebration.”

Another cause for celebration: You can download a little preview of the book here.


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