Top 8 Things to Know About Running in the Rain

girl-running-in-the-rainIt’s soggy. Pouring. Drizzling. Just plain nasty. Which means it’s really not a bad day for a run–unless there’s thunder and lightning out there, of course. Just know these things:

1. You won’t dissolve. Sweat, rain…both get you wet, so what’s the difference? The first moments of going from dry and comfy to wet are the toughest. Focus on your cadence or the course you’ll run that day—basically, keep your mind occupied until you get fully coated. Once you’re wet, there’s no reason to stop (stopping won’t make you dry).

2. You get to call the shots, the weather doesn’t. Morning runners know that there’s something about not letting the weather stop you that really starts a day off right.

3. The park is yours. On gloomy days, the pink trees and bushes look even brighter. And you can actually see them, since about 8,000 of your favorite runners will have stayed at home. (Yes, the very ones you’re going to beat on race day.)

4. You might run faster. No overheating due to the sun + a desire to be done and in the shower can = really fast run times.

5. But…you might chafe. Take precautions. Band Aids, Aquaphor, Body Glide…whatever it takes, use it.

6. Newspaper is your friend. Print can’t completely die when it’s this great at helping your running shoes dry. When you get home, remove your shoes’ insoles (let them dry separately), then stuff your shoes with newspaper; it helps absorb the moisture from the shoes so they dry faster.

7. Hats help. So do visors. Even if it looks like it’s going to clear up. Keeping the rain off your face makes everything feel just a little easier.

8. Not everyone understands. But they can be really nice about it. A friend got stopped at a light on a busy street in a downpour in NYC about halfway through her long run one morning. Someone living on the street starts gesturing at his shopping cart and trying to get her attention. She realizes he’s urging her to wear his garbage bag to help keep her dry. Sometimes, you’re the one that people wonder about.

All this optimism and advice still not getting you out the door? Then try the advice my favorite editor at Fitness magazine gave me the other day: “Sometimes, you’ve got to just put your head down and do it. Don’t think about it, just go. You’ll be done before you know it.”


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