What to do With Old Tubes and Wetsuits

If getting a flat isn’t enough of a drag, there’s the can’t-just-drop-in-the-recycling-bin innertube to deal with. But the clever folks at Green Guru take tubes that have outlived their purpose and recycle them into nifty items, like the pocket pouch I picked up at the Philly Bike Expo last weekend.

Recycled Innertube Zip Pouch
Recycled innertubes should keep the sweat off my iPhone

They weren’t the only ones recycling tubes into useful items, but they were the only exhibitors that day who showcased their solution to another recycling problem: What to do with your old wetsuit. While you can’t get your very own wetsuit recycled into a case specifically for you, you can donate your old suit at numerous locations in California and Colorado, and you may see it wrapped around someone else’s MacBook someday.

Recycled Wetsuit Laptop Case
Green Guru's recycled laptop case protects your computer and puts that pre-race neoprene smell (smells like anticipation!) at your fingertips

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